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About ME May 8, 2010


In Malay’s culture, we always said quote “Tak kenal maka tak cinta”. So, firstly for sure I must let you know WHO I AM?

True name (given by my father) : Noraida binti Zainon – call me Aida

At home, my family call me Are-ngah…of course u all already know angah is for 2nd child in family, but I’m not truly 2nd child. I’m the 3rd child from 6 siblings (hehehe…did not mean to make all of u confuse…but for my close friends off course they know what the meaning behind all of this).

Currently, I’m stil studying. InsyaAllah next year, I will graduate as a doctor.

Hmm…what else should i write… I think it is enough about me for this time.

To be continue……..


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